Music Round-Up: Agi, Claire Reneé & More.

Cover Photo:
Claire Reneé.

▌Richie Quake

Richie Quake | Spotify

Opening this week’s round-up is Richie Quake’s ‘Rules’, a frank lyrical portrayal of giving in to one’s deepest desires. “‘Rules’ is about falling in love with someone against your better judgement and the confusion or guilt that comes along when love and bad timing coincide,” the Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter reveals. Through the groove of synth and his signature retro sound, Quake explores the ups-and-downs of a former relationship. And he does it charmingly.

▌Claire Reneé

Claire Renee – Honey | LEGROSTASDEZIK

As a classically trained dancer, Claire Reneé brings an immense amount of grace and soul into her music. Her latest release is certainly no exception. Shimmering with sparkling guitar chords and Reneé’s silky smooth vocals, ‘Honey’ serves as a sincere love letter to the kind of person who helps you heal from your past relationships and reminds you why love is the most powerful force in the universe. Once in a while, you come across an artist that you can’t help but fall in love with. Claire Reneé is definitely one of them. Make sure to keep an eye out for her upcoming nine-track album Wings, set to be released on April 7th.

Jacob Drescher
where ends meet

Jacob Drescher - Where Ends Meet - Spinex Music

Hailing from the Netherlands, Jacob Drescher offers a different take on music. Though minimalistic in production, ‘where ends meet’ is more than just a melancholic lo-fi track. Drescher’s lyricism is a profound celebration of his life. “I want to tell a story about the generation I feel connected to, our mission to accomplish change in this world, and our experiences through these weird times,” he explains. The emerging singer-songwriter is wise beyond his years and he invites the listener to join him on the beautiful journey of growing up—if the listener’s ready to do so, that is.

▌Kristin Sesselja
W.A.I.S.T.D. (what am I supposed to do)

Kristin Sesselja | Spotify

Iceland’s rising pop star Kristin Sesselja is back with yet another banger. However, this time she explores a rather new sensation in her life—Sesselja sings about the excitement of falling in love, as opposed to heartache and shutting yourself off from potential relationships. With the help of diaristic lyrics, the 20-year-sold singer-songwriter tries to answer the question of what comes after you’re no longer heartbroken. ‘W.A.I.S.T.D.’ beautifully sets the tone for Sesselja’s forthcoming sophomore EP; it seems as if there’s an extremely fun record in the making.

Crying Past Midnight

Agi | Spotify

Leeds-based singer and songwriter Agi’s latest—and the very first—single dropped a month ago. Although not a new release, ‘Crying Past Midnight’ is a gorgeous alt-pop debut. “This song is about an inevitable breakdown of a relationship,” she opens up. “In hard and challenging situations, I always want to be graceful and understanding. I treated it almost like a conversation that I would want to have with the other person.” Thanks to such a captivating music debut, Agi is certainly one of the United Kingdom’s most promising new artists.

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