Music Round-Up: Kevin Chung, Foley & More.

Cover Photo:
Kevin Chung by Sam Lee.

▌Kevin Chung
Friends to Lovers

Friends to Lovers by Kevin Chung - DistroKid

About a week ago, Korean-American singer and songwriter Kevin Chung released ‘Friends to Lovers’, a sincere new single that beautifully captures the essence of romance. As revealed by Chung himself, his latest indie-pop offering takes the listener on a bittersweet and nostalgic journey back to their cherished memories and creates “a longing to stay in what used to be.” With an official music video for ‘Friends to Lovers’ coming out on March 19th and his debut EP set to be released this Autumn, it seems as if 2021 is going to be a huge year for Kevin Chung, and deservedly so.


Falling (feat. Fare) - Single by Loudan | Spotify

Inspired by various genres and blending analog synthesizers with live instruments into one cohesive sound, Loudan’s international collaboration with electronic pop-soul duo Fare is a dance floor-ready treat for the ears. “It reflects the destruction of my authenticity and flirtation with a version forged by past relationships, which made me feel as if I was constantly falling into a void,” Loudan explains. ‘Falling’ is a reminder to everyone that self-love is of key importance and you should never let other people’s opinions guide your life.


Light Blue - Album by Ryahn | Spotify

Alternative-slash-pop singer, songwriter and guitarist Ryahn is a musical force to be reckoned with. Though not a new release, the title track of Ryahn’s latest project—an 8-track extended play Light Blue—is a sonic masterpiece that needs to be mentioned. ‘LIGHT BLUE’ is five minutes of pure perfection, there’s simply no better way to describe it. The 22-year-old singer’s charisma shines right through her sultry voice and honeyed vocal riffs, taking the listener on a beautiful and soulful journey of self-growth.

Anything Before You

Vacation - Single by Foley | Spotify

New Zealand-based pop-funk duo Foley have just dropped their sophomore EP, titled Vacation. As a whole, the record’s defined by an occurring sharp bassline and clever lyricism behind each track—a compelling combination that keeps the listener coming back for more. However, as great as all five of the EP’s tracks are, ‘Anything Before You’ definitely stands out from the rest. “Let’s just stay in the mood, / It’s getting harder to remember / Anything before you,” sings Ash Wallace, one-half of the duo. And, quite ironically, this track makes you forget the world around you by immersing you into Foley’s groovy universe.

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