Music Round-Up: Davesar, Mini Simmons & More.

Cover Photo:
Davesar and Bella Human.

▌Bella Human
Lost to No One

Lost to No One - Single by Davesar | Spotify

One-half of the progressive electronic music duo Burudu and an incredibly skilful producer Davesar teams up with Dutch-South African singer and songwriter Bella Human in his exciting new single, ‘Lost to No One.’ Blending multiple music genres—the likes of trip-hop and dream-pop—into one cohesive sound, Davesar creates a distinctive sound that belongs completely and utterly to him, representing his unique musical vision. “‘Lost To No One’ chronicles a relationship with a partner who engaged in romance the same way a soldier sprints across a battlefield—always a fight to win or to lose,” Davesar explains. “This song disintegrates the illusion of battle, and subsequently all terminology of losing-slash-winning.”

▌Richie Quake
Never See You

Richie Quake's stream

New York’s brightest rising star Richie Quake is back with yet another psychedelic pop banger. Ever so groovy guitar and drum melodies, sparkling synths and Quake’s beautiful falsetto—the Brooklyn-based musician, once again, offers all of it. ‘Never See You’ serves as one of the many invitations into his cinematic universe, creating a truly immersive experience. As soon as you step into his technicolour world, you’ll want to stay there forever. It’s quite obvious that Quake’s music yields massive potential to make him the next big thing and it makes his journey even more exciting.

Miranda Joan

Miranda Joan's “Ruined” Reflects on Sexual Intimacy –

Born in Montréal and raised in Vancouver, neo-soul singer and songwriter Miranda Joan is a force to be reckoned with. And let it be known, Joan’s soulful and extremely profound sound certainly deserves the praise. With the help of her silky smooth vocals and sincere lyricism, the Canadian musician explores affection, tenderness and the blurred lines of intimacy and love. “Over the years I’ve come to learn what a common thing humiliating sexual experiences are for most people and especially for women,” she reveals. “I know I’m not the first woman who has felt used after sex.” Narrating a young woman’s first-ever sexual experience, Joan doesn’t hold back; she’s honest, she’s bold and, most importantly, she’s not afraid of speaking her mind.

Mini Simmons
Push And Pull

Push And Pull - Single by Mini Simmons | Spotify

New Zealand dwellers Mini Simmons beautifully capture the infectious swing of the ’60s and early ’70s with their wild new rock & roll single, ‘Push And Pull.’ Drawing inspiration from the music legends T. Rex, David Bowie and The Kinks, the Auckland-based music project—consisting of Zak Hawkins (vocals), Brad Craig (guitar), Jesse Hawkins (bass), Yoni Yahel (drums) and Emily Mackie (keyboards)—find themselves and their audience in the midst of catchy guitar solos and riffs, vivid imagery of the iconic bell-bottom trousers and the time of vinyl records, which, by the way, many are currently trying to bring back. ‘Push And Pull’ isn’t just a song; it feels like a concert performance, which many have definitely missed by now.

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