Marilyn Hucek Combines Sensuality with Emotion in Her New Single.

Cover Photo:
Marilyn Hucek by Elite Fashion Photography.

Prominent fashion blogger turned singer-songwriter Marilyn Hucek leaves nothing to the imagination with her new single, ‘Touch Me’. 

By combining ethereal harmonies, lo-fi beats and seductive imagery, Marilyn achieves the perfect balance of sensuality and emotion.

‘Touch Me’ highlights the feelings of missing a significant other, that I’m sure everyone can relate to in some way.

Though, upon your first listen, it may appear that this song is only about sex, it actually is much deeper than this. Marilyn sings, “I want you to touch me,” and then continues by telling her lyrical partner that she wants them to hold her, fall asleep next to her and simply have “sweet dreams” together. This emotional language, combined with the smoky undertones of her voice, reminds us that love and sex come hand-in-hand.

The bridge of the song delves even deeper into the provocative angle as Marilyn sings that she “needs it real slow” and asks her partner to feel her, embrace her and run their hand down her spine. Her imagery leaves little to the imagination but with the lo-fi, calming backing track you are reminded of the emotion within this sexual moment. 

Marilyn’s vulnerability is prominent but she also makes sure that her current—and any future—partners know that she isn’t messing around. With the lyric “don’t make me guess your next move” Marilyn tells us that she doesn’t want games, only honesty and communication. 

Marilyn combines all of these elements into a catchy song and I can definitely imagine myself singing along to this track whilst getting ready for a date. It is the sort of song that will get stuck in your head in the best way. 

Marilyn is an American-Chilean singer-songwriter currently residing in New York City, her single ‘Touch Me’ is available on Spotify, Youtube and Soundcloud

If you’re a fan of Ariana Grande, MARINA or Madison Beer then you’ll love Marilyn Hucek. She is one to watch as an up and coming artist in the pop music industry.

Hannah Robinson is a student journalist studying in Sheffield; you can follow her on Twitter here or check out her website here.

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