Music Round-Up: Jaguar Jonze, Isaac Dunbar & More.

Cover Photo:
Isaac Dunbar’s ‘​love,
or the lack thereof’

▌ok, tyler
counter clockwise

short stories to tell yourself when no one else will listen - Album by ok,  tyler | Spotify

Los Angeles-based ok, tyler dropped his new album, short stories to tell yourself when no one else will listen, last month. And, though not necessarily a new release, ‘counter clockwise’ is arguably the biggest standout from the nifty record. Honest yet relatable lyrics and catchy melodies make this track feel modern and tasteful. Produced by ok, tyler himself, ‘counter clockwise’ functions as a personal invitation to experience his world. The artist opens his doors for all of you—don’t hesitate to come in.

▌Jaguar Jonze

MURDER - Single by Jaguar Jonze | Spotify

Australian singer and songwriter Jaguar Jonze is guilty of crossing the boundaries in her latest single. Her raw approach to life explores the aftermath of pushing a relationship to the point of no return; it tells the tragic story of a worn-out connection between two unsatisfied souls. In fact, ‘MURDER’ is the quintessential Jaguar Jonze track with dark soundscapes creating an extremely intense atmosphere. It’s dark, it’s gritty, it’s everything you could ask for when you’re in the mood for a 93 beats-per-minute indie song, fused with rock melodies.

▌Young Saab
▌jackson lee morgan
texas summer

texas summer by Young Saab and jackson lee morgan: Listen on Audiomack

With vocals as great as ever, Texas-via-California singer and songwriter jackson lee morgan joins Brooklyn duo Young Saab in their latest collaboration. Full of vivid lyrical images elevated by a beautiful vocal delivery, ‘texas summer’ sounds like a confession of one’s sincere feelings. Summer romance, never-ending affection and loving promises—the narrative that almost everybody can associate themselves with. Yet, at the same time, it feels as if trying to find a part of yourself within the melodies and lyrics of the track would be identity theft; it feels like listening to someone’s private thoughts. And it makes you want to come back to it every single time.

▌Isaac Dunbar
love, or the lack thereof

love, or the lack thereof - Single by Isaac Dunbar | Spotify

Rising star Isaac Dunbar portrays love from a whole new angle in the ultimate sad pop song, titled ‘love, or lack thereof’. Despair and heartache are present in Dunbar’s silky smooth vocals—an extremely honest and vibrant performance. At only 17-years-old, he’s got a deep and beautiful understanding of love and painful heartbreak. In fact, ‘love, or lack thereof’ is one of the singles off Dunbar’s upcoming EP evil twin, which is set to be released in February next year. The artist is wise beyond his years and he’s got plenty of compelling stories to tell everyone. Are you ready to hear them?

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